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A huge jolt shook the Tardis, sending the Doctor and Donna sprawling. Since this was nothing new, Donna merely glared at her friend as he hopped up and worked the many levers and buttons that controlled his ship.

"Not a problem," the Doctor assured her cheerfully. "We're still in England 2008!"

"What a relief," Donna responded drily. "Is it *my* England or some bizarro version?"

"Of course it's yours!" the Doctor answered indignantly. "I told you, interdimensional travel isn't possible!"

"Yeah, you keep saying that and it keeps happening!" Donna observed tartly.

The Doctor yanked firmly on a lever and the Tardis came to an abrupt stop.

"So, let's take a peek," the Doctor said, arching one eyebrow in silent challenge.

Donna got up and headed out of the Tardis, feeling the Doctor's cool presence just behind her. The Tardis had landed beside a large lake...a lake presided over by a huge castle.

"Well, it's not exactly London," Donna observed. "Air is nice and fresh though."

The Doctor took a deep breath, then frowned, sniffing deeply.

"What's wrong? You coming down with allergies?" she teased.

"Noooo, but there's an odd scent to the air. Some sort of energy is absolutely saturating this place," the Doctor explained. He took out his beloved sonic screwdriver and began scanning the area. "That's weird. That's very weird!"

"What's wrong?" Donna asked, concerned. She loved traveling with the Doctor, loved the adventures they shared, but she was very aware of the danger they often faced.

"Nothing, weeellll, probably nothing. It seems harmless enough. You can see the trees and animals are thriving," the Doctor rambled, pointing out a bird and a rabbit. "They're perfectly normal, it's just..."

"Just what?" Donna demanded impatiently.

"I've rarely seen this energy before and never up close! I've caught wisps of it before, in major cities, generally, but never enough to track it to a source! Even the Tardis's databanks don't recognize it."

"That's a refreshing change," Donna smirked. "Something you're not an expert on!"

The Doctor gave her a good-humored grin, offering his arm.

"Fancy touring a castle?" he invited, his chocolate eyes sparking with intrigue.

"Sounds posh," Donna agreed, linking her arm in his.

The Doctor led the way to the castle, grinning when he saw the drawbridge was down and unmanned.

"There's no one here," Donna pointed out, disappointed. "You'd think there'd be a souvenir stand or something."

"There has to be someone..."

A great rush of noise swallowed the rest of the Doctor's comment as the courtyard was suddenly flooded with older children and teenagers. The Doctor studied them avidly, his wide grin brightening his handsome, but sometimes somber, features. All of the children were wearing long black robes and carrying a variety of books. Each wore a badge on the right side of their chests.

"Oh, it's a school!" the Doctor exclaimed merrily.

"Odd sort of uniforms, though. They're all carrying sticks!"

"Hm, that is odd," the Doctor agreed, taking out his sonic screwdriver. It beeped madly. "They're all giving off that energy, too."

"And you're sure it's harmless, are you?"

"Yes! Weeeeelll, as sure as I can be, given that I know nothing about it's purpose, origin, or characteristics."

"That's real comforting, that is," Donna scolded.

"C'mon," the Doctor directed, turning to face her and taking a step backwards. "Let's introduce ourselves and find out where we are, exactly."

Donna started to comply, but the Doctor, still walking backwards, bumped into someone.

"Watch where you're going please!" a young, female voice protested.

"Sorry!" the Doctor offered, spinning to face her. "Hello!"

He found himself facing three students, who looked about fifteen or sixteen. The girl who had spoken was pretty with bushy, light brown hair. Flanking her were two boys, one with ginger hair and freckles, the other with rather untamed black hair, spectacles, and a distinctive scar on his forehead. Curiously, all three were staring at the Doctor in alarm.

"Sorry if we're trespassing," Donna interrupted, hiding nervousness behind forwardness. "We're a bit lost."

The three students turned incredulous gazes at her. The dark-haired boy's face turned bright red and he pointed his stick at the Doctor.

"Lost, right. What did Voldemort send you here for this time, Crouch?"

"I beg your pardon?" the Doctor asked, confused, hoping this would prompt the boy to either say something that made sense or give the Time Lord more information on the names Crouch and Voldemort.

"I'm not afraid of you!" the boy practically shouted. "I've held out against Voldemort; I can certainly take on you!"

Donna looked questioningly at the Doctor, but he looked astonished and perplexed, scratching the back of his neck.

"Well, good, um, that...that's very good," the Doctor assured him. "My name isn't Crouch, though. I'm the Doctor and this is my friend Donna."

"Sure you are," the other boy said sarcastically.

"Harry, Ron, let's go."

"Hermione..." the first boy started to protest.

"No, Harry! We can tell Dumbledore later!" Hermione insisted.

The Doctor watched this exchange, fascinated, noting the threatening tone and glance Hermione gave him at the latest name mentioned. He watched standing still as the students retreated, casting doubtful glances at him over their shoulders.

"Well, we've come to an interesting place!" the Doctor exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Interesting? That's your word for it?"

"Certainly! This is a day of firsts...first a new energy and now my first case of mistaken identity!"

"Oi, did you see the look on those kids' faces?"

"Yeeesss, but Crouch probably isn't even here. Just me," the Doctor noted, before gently grabbing the arm of a passing student. "Pardon me. We're a bit lost. Where's the nearest town?"

The student blinked, seeming surprised, then shrugged.

"Hogsmeade is just a bit down that road, mister. Didn't you attend Hogwarts?"

"Oh, yes, of course! Hogsmeade, right! Thank you!" the Doctor called after the retreating figure.

"Hogwarts. They named their school Hog...warts," Donna emphasized, wrinkling her nose.

"And the village is Hogsmeade," the Doctor repeated, savoring the name. "Let's go!"

Donna grabbed the Doctor's arm, forcing him to shorten his stride. He had a bad habit of out-pacing her, his long legs carrying him eagerly from one destination to another. They walked silently, enjoying the quiet, sunshine, and soft breeze...some of the last summer weather before the fall chills set in. They came soon enough to the village's main street and the Doctor stopped in front of a shop.

"Honeydukes Sweetshop," the Doctor declared happily. "Can't pass that up!"

Donna rolled her eyes, but followed contentedly enough. She wasn't sure if the Doctor processed sweets so efficiently because he was alien or just one of those skinny people who could eat anything, but he did love sweets. At first glance, the shop appeared quite ordinary. It's counters and walls were warm with wood and treats of all sorts were on display in racks and glass jars. A couple of children, much younger than the ones at the school, were running around, trying to make their selections. The Doctor was eying the place happily, spinning around and seeming to try to see everywhere at once.

Donna headed with resignation for the chocolate counter, knowing her will power was only going to hold out for so long anyways...and it never hurt to just have a look, did it? The first thing that caught her eye was a sign advertising chocolate frogs. Donna smiled at the whimsical candy. They really were quite well done. Each frog contained amazing detail, with different textures along it's back and sides. Each one seemed to be just slightly different in their positions, too. Donna couldn't quite keep back a small shriek when one of them suddenly hopped towards her!

The Doctor heard his friend and came quickly around. Donna was staring at a counter of chocolates, looking paler than usual, her eyes wide with disbelief.

"Donna? What's the matter? You okay?"

"It...it moved!"

"Hmm? What moved?"

"The chocolate!"

"What? What about the chocolate? Donna, what moved?"

Donna took a deep breath, grabbing the Doctor's shoulders and looking him firmly in the eye.

"The. Chocolate. MOVED! That chocolate frog, right there! IT. HOPPED."

"Well, of course it did! It's a chocolate frog, what'd you expect it to do?" the little boy who had been running around asked, confused.

"Move along," the Doctor ordered, his voice kind, but still extremely firm. The child obeyed, shrugging, already bored with his elder's silliness.

The Doctor watched in fascination as another chocolate frog started hopping about. He pointed his sonic screwdriver, but really, it told him nothing, just registering more of that intriguing energy signature.

"That's all right. Come look at this!" the Doctor ordered, smirking.

He led her a bit down the counter, where some cards were displayed.

"Evidently you get one free "wizard card" with every chocolate frog," the Doctor explained.

Donna studied the cards. Each had a person, seemingly hand drawn, in rich colors. All of them were holding wands and seemed to be in the middle of casting a spell of some sort. To her utter shock, many of the figures were moving about!

"Wha...how'd they do that?"

"I have no idea," the Doctor admitted, grinning.

"You...you honestly don't know? The sonic screwdriver? Intuition? Anything?" Donna kept asking as the Doctor kept shaking his head at each question, his eyes sparkling with glee.

Donna reached over and picked up one of the cards. At the bottom it read "Albus Dumbledore." The card was just as thin and light as it looked. Donna rubbed the back gently, but detected nothing but paper. She set it down, shivering when the card figure winked at her.

"Dumbledore," the Doctor observed. "I wonder if he's the same Dumbledore that girl mentioned."

"Goodness knows," Donna responded, eying the chocolates warily. The Doctor smiled reassuringly at her.

"I got us both treats," the Doctor informed her, holding up two good sized bags. "Let's see what's next!"

"Thank you," Donna smiled, accepting the treats and following him out.

Outside the Doctor stopped abruptly. Four men stood just outside, their faces grave, pointing what the Doctor now assumed were wands at them threateningly. The Doctor forced a grin and stepped forward.

"Hello there! I'm the Doctor. And you are?"

The men seemed unmoved, their expressions ranging from disdain to rage. An old man with a long, gray beard, wearing a blue robe stepped forward, his blue eyes flashing with fury behind his spectacles, stepped forward, pointing his wand at the Doctor's heart. It was indeed the same Dumbledore they'd seen on the wizard card.

"We're here to take you and your accomplice back to Azkaban, Barty Crouch, Jr.," Dumbledore informed them coldly.

"Yes, I rather gathered you were making that mistake. I'm not this Crouch person, honestly. Never heard of him before today!"

"If you think we're going to buy that nonsense..." a middle aged gentleman with ginger hair began.

"Hang on," the Doctor interrupted, staring up at the sky. "What are those?"

"What are what?" Donna asked, seeing nothing but a clear blue sky.

The Doctor watched as three wraith-like figures flew high in the air, heading for Hogwarts. They were long and thin, wearing cloaks that covered everything but their gray, mottled hands.

"Dementors! Why are dementors heading towards Hogwarts?" a thin, pale man with shaggy brown hair and a pencil thin mustache asked sounding horrified.

"The Gangrelius," the Doctor observed grimly. "Headed for a school full of children."

Dumbledore ignored him.

"It appears the dementors are no longer guarding Azkaban. Severus, Arthur, can you handle them? Good. Remus, come with me please," Dumbledore instructed, apparating back to just outside the school, with Lupin following close behind.

The Doctor turned to the remaining gentleman, his expression now earnest instead of friendly.

"Gentlemen..." he began.

"Stupefy!" Snape barked, waving his wand.

A pulse of energy flew from him and hit the Doctor square in the chest. The Doctor gave an involuntary burst of laughter, rubbing his chest.

"That tickles!" the Doctor protested.

The two wizards looked at him in shock, backing up slightly.

"Well, nice meeting you, but we must be off. After you, Donna, run!"

Donna had heard that command often enough that she started running towards the TARDIS without even thinking about it. She heard the Doctor behind her. She knew the other men were still trying to cast spells, because the Doctor kept chuckling as he ran. They made it to the Tardis and the Doctor slammed the door shut.

"Well, now what?" Donna asked breathlessly. "Doctor, what did you see? There wasn't anything there!"

"The Gangrelius," the Doctor explained. "Very nasty aliens. The Gangrelius are a form of vampire. They feed off of negative emotion. They're masters of camoflauge...most lifeforms can't see them. This lot seems to be able to, though. Did you catch what Dumbledore said? He said they "no longer guard Azkaban!" Evidently they were being used as jailers of some kind. We're going to visit Azkaban."

"I've never heard of it."

"No, I haven't either. I've also never heard of Hogwarts and a school that size should be fairly famous! I think these people have been using that energy to keep themselves hidden from the rest of the world."

"So...this energy...it's magic, yeah?"

"Well. I've never believed in magic, per se. Still, it is possible they've found ways to harness that energy to perform acts that look like magic. I'd love to get hold of one of those wands for study!"

The Doctor landed the Tardis and opened the doors. Donna found herself on the roof of a very tall building. All around her she saw nothing but the sea. The building was on a small island and surrounded by a rocky beach. She shivered and stood close to the Doctor, fighting a sense of vertigo. Sensing her uneasiness, the Doctor took her arm and guided her gently to the stairs that led into the building. They found themselves in a narrow, dank hallway with rows of cells on both sides. There were no guards. There was none of the noise of a typical prison. A few moans and sobs broke the quiet, but there was no chatter or fighting amongst the inmates.

The Doctor at first wondered if the cells were mostly empty, but on examination found that most of them were full. Dull eyes stared, occasionally back at him, but mostly at either the walls or ceilings. Most of them seemed to be aware of their surroundings, but a few of the prisoners looked to be in a catatonic state. A sharp breath from Donna brought the Doctor to her side. She was staring in horrified awe at one of the prisoners. The man had to be Barty Crouch Jr. The resemblance between him and the Doctor was strong, despite Crouch Jr's rough appearance. He was unshaved and grimy, wearing course black clothing. There was no awareness in his gaze.

"Why does he look like that?" Donna asked.

"It's the Gangrelius. They feed off negative human emotion. To do that, they repress all positive memories and emotions so their victims become a smorgasboard of agony and despair...unless they kiss you."

"Kiss you!"

"Well, it's not really a kiss of course. They fasten onto your mouth and drain your essence, your personality. You might almost say that they drain your soul. The person is still in there, just...used up. All of the victim's short term and much of the long term memory, the accessible bits, are drained. Their minds are left with just enough energy to keep them alive. It's like they're driven back into their own subconcious."

"Can it be cured?"

"Not easily," the doctor admitted. "Then again, easy is for amateurs."

Taking out his sonic screwdriver, the Doctor sent out a pulse that opened the door to Crouch Jr's cell. He knelt beside his double and placed his hands gently at the other man's temples. Summoning his mental energies, the Doctor reached into the human's mind. The upper layers were of course all empty, drained by the Gangrelius. The man's subconcious mind however was very active and the Doctor found he could access the other man's deeper memories. The Doctor fed Crouch Jr's brain with his own energy, replenishing his mind. Withdrawing gently, he helped Crouch Jr to stand.

"Is he all right then?" Donna asked.

"He will be. He has a very strong mind, but the Tardis will have to do most of the work."

"You do realize we're breaking a criminal out of jail?" Donna pointed out.

"Yes, I know," the Doctor responded with a defiance that betrayed his guilt.

"Won't he have amnesia? You said they drained his memory."

"No, the human brain is a vast storehouse of experience, Donna! On some level, you remember every single second and aspect of your life from birth on. The Tardis will access his memories and restore them."

The Doctor led them back to the Tardis and settled Crouch Jr in a bed in the medical section. He placed probes on his temples and let the Tardis take over the human's healing. The Doctor then fetched a device that looked like a large bracelet and attached it firmly to Crouch Jr.'s wrist.

"What's that?" Donna asked.

"Think of it as house arrest. That device will keep him from leaving the TARDIS. He's a prisoner here, now."

"Why'd we break him out, just to imprison him again?" Donna wondered.

"Would you have wanted me to leave someone who looked like you in that place? At least this prison is...kinder."

The Doctor and Donna went back to the console room and he set the controls to take them back to Hogwarts. He focussed all his considerable energy on bringing his ship to the castle. Since the first jolt that had set them down near Hogwarts, the TARDIS had been absorbing and analyzing the strange energy. The Doctor, with the help of the TARDIS, could now find the energy's patterns and bindings and find his way through them. The Doctor got the impression that in some way, the TARDIS was translating the energy much the way it translated language. He brought the ship to a stop, then went and sat at the console, thinking.

"What are we going to do?" Donna asked, knowing the Doctor always had a plan...of sorts.

"The dementors have fled Azkaban. I have to find out where they went, what they're up to. They have a plan of some sorts. They didn't travel across half the galaxy just to serve as jailers on this tiny world. What do they want...what were they doing at the castle?"

"Why don't we go see?"

"Dumbledore will have chased them off. He seemed a competent sort of chap."

"How long until Crouch wakes up?"

"Ohhh, a day or two, maybe."

"That quick?"

The Doctor smirked ironically.

"Well, the TARDIS does play tricks with time, especially when healing. Anyway, it's really just a matter of filtering more energy to him and restoring his memories. Come on! Let's go for a walk," the Doctor decided, jumping up.

"You go ahead. You walk too fast for me on your thinking rambles. I'll stay here and whip up some tea for when you get back. Besides, I don't like the idea of leaving dark and dangerous here alone."

"He won't wake for hours yet!" the Doctor cajoled.

"Better safe than sorry," Donna countered, uncompromisingly. "Go on then, Spaceman."

The Doctor grinned cheekily, then left the TARDIS. He set off in no particular direction, even occasionally walking in small circles and half circles. He'd come up with a plan, of course, he always did, but for the first time in quite awhile he felt like he didn't have enough facts at his disposal. He was shaken, and even excited, that an entire society of humans had remained hidden from him! Of course, now that society was in serious danger...a danger they seemed blissfully unaware of!

A sudden chill and a harsh cry broke through the Doctor's reverie. Looking around, he realized the cry had come from near the edge of the forest. He ran, turning around a group of trees to an isolated area. The black haired boy from earlier in the day was standing rigid, watching the sky. His robes were mussed up and his wand lay a few feet away. The Gangrelius flew over head, circling the boy.

Harry Potter stared in horror at the dementors floating above him. He knew he should dive for his wand, but it seemed so pointless. There was so little hope. He couldn't think past the harsh beating of his heart. He jerked in surprise when the pall of gloom and despair lifted as the dementor closest to him flew back into the others as if thrown. He turned and saw Barty Crouch, Jr. running towards him, a strange Mugglish device in his hand.

"STOP! You will leave this boy alone!"

The Gangrelius stopped circling, floating down to stand in a group a short distance away.

"Why?"the one in front hissed.

"I can understand them," Harry whispered in horror.

Crouch came to a stop next to him and smiled reassuringly, before turning a hard gaze on the dementors. Harry stared in puzzlement at the small metal tool the man aimed at the dementors.

"He's a boy! I can help you! Why are you here? Tell me what you need and we'll work something out, but I won't let you hurt these people."

"We are the Gangrelius. We feed on fear. Their despair is sweet. We do not need you."

"This is the only warning I'll give you. You will leave these people in peace or face the consequences!"

A horrible clogged hissing came from the hooded figures, a vile laughter that made Harry shudder in disgust. Harry waited for the terror he always felt around the dementors to return, but felt only a strange, reassuring buzz at the back of his mind.

"Who are you to command the Gangrelius?"

"I'm the Doctor!" the man claimed, throwing the title out like a challenge.

This was not Barty Crouch Jr, Harry realized. Something loomed at the back of the strange man's dark eyes, something both bright and dark, contradictory, like a shadow made of fire. Something about him was *other* in a way that was both terrifying and comforting.

"Doctors are a human conceit. So proud, these little lives. It means nothing."

"Ohhhh, you've never heard that name, eh? How humbling," the Doctor drawled, the calm, even tone betraying more anger than his shouting. "Well, how about this, then? The Daleks had a different title for me. They called me Ka Faraq Gatri!"

The Gangrelius floated up, like dead leaves stirred by an autumn wind.

"You claim to be the Oncoming Storm? You would invoke such power?"

"That's right. Take my advice. Leave these people alone."

"The Bringer of Darkness and Destroyer of Worlds would not offer advice and warnings. The warrior who destroyed the Dalek civilization would not bandy words. This is our world now. Leave, if you can. Stay and be ruled. You may keep the boy...as a pet."

"Then, I am sorry. You've made your choice," the Doctor intoned coldly, like a judge sentencing a prisoner.

Harry watched, stunned, as the Gangrelius flew away. He turned to the man (the doctor?) standing next to him. The man's expression was stern and resolved, but his features softened when he turned to Harry.

"And hello, again!"

"Hello, um...thanks," Harry offered, uneasy, walking over to pick up his wand.

"You're welcome. Are you all right...Harry, isn't it?"

"Um, yeah...no. I don't understand. I've been around Dementors before, but I've never understood what they were saying. Did you do that?"

"Sort of. I have...something, a TARDIS. It uses a telepathic field to translate for me and anyone around me."

"What did those names mean? Why did they call you a destroyer of worlds?" Harry challenged.

The Doctor gazed at him with sad eyes and Harry felt unwilling sympathy.

"It's a stupid title I was given during a war...a very long time ago."

"Who are you really?" Harry demanded.

"I told you. I'm the Doctor."

"Doctor who? Of what? Medicine?"

The Doctor grinned, shaking his head.

"It's just the Doctor and I've studied many things over the years, Harry."

"But...none of that tells me who you are!" Harry protested, frustrated.

The Doctor moved closer and placed a comforting hand on Harry's shoulder.

"I'm a traveller, Harry, that's all. I travel around and, when it's needed, I help."

Harry didn't understand, wasn't sure the Doctor meant for him to understand, but he didn't press. Crouch or Doctor, madman or helper, the tall man had saved Harry's life and that was enough, for now at least.

"Sorry. Thank you."

The Doctor surprised Harry by looking perplexed. He gently grabbed Harry's left hand, pushing back the sleeve of his robe. Harry tried to grab his hand back, embarrassed by the evidence of his detention with Professor Umbridge, but the Doctor kept a firm, though gentle, grip. He raised the device and shone a light on the damaged area of Harry's hand. The words "I must not tell lies" became visible, then faded again when the Doctor removed the light.

"Who accused you of lying, Harry?" the Doctor asked, softly.

"It's fine," Harry evaded.

"Oh, no," the Doctor contradicted. "This is very far from fine."

Harry yanked his hand back.

"I said it's fine," he insisted, angrily.

The Doctor placed his hands on Harry's shoulders and Harry found himself unable to look away from the Doctor's eyes.

"I understand, Harry. Honestly, I do understand. You're a brave young man and you don't want to seem weak to someone you consider an enemy. Think, though. If this is happening to you, then it's happening to others as well...possibly to students too young to comprehend that this isn't right! Now, you may not need my help, but they need yours."

"It's Professor Umbridge. The Ministry sent her, 'cause Fudge doesn't want to admit that Voldemort is back! Dumbledore won't pretend the Ministry has everything under control!"

"Is that the lie? That Voldemort is back?"

"It's not a lie!" Harry shouted, furious. "He is back! I was there!"

The Doctor held up his hands in surrender, shushing quickly.

"I believe you, Harry! Okay?"

Harry took a deep breath, nodding, trying to control the dark emotions that seemed constantly close to the surface these days.

"Come on, Harry. Introduce me to Umbridge. On the way, you can tell me all about Voldemort."

Harry obeyed, talking quickly as they made the short walk to Hogwarts. He took the Doctor to Umbridge's office, since she usually held detention there until about six in the evening. They found Umbridge at her desk, grading papers. She was sipping tea from a flowered cup and smirking at the student currently serving detention.

At a table in front of her was a young girl, a first year student, her straight brown hair falling into her eyes.. She sat with a stack of parchment and a pile of Umbridge's special quills beside her. She was trying not to cry as she wrote lines that appeared as cuts in her flesh before healing, but her hazel eyes were red and puffy. The words "I will write neatly" were written in red on a scroll in front of her. The burning shadows in the Doctor's eyes grew brighter.

"Excuse me, who are you?" Umbridge asked, with evil sweetness.

"Shut up," the Doctor ordered.

He grasped the young girl's hand, stopping her from writing. He took the quill from her, then walked around and knelt facing the child, giving her his friendliest grin.

"Hallo. I'm the Doctor. What's your name, sweetheart?" he asked, pushing aside his anger to keep his voice gentle and reassuring.

"Anna Merple," the girl answered, staring in surprise at the kind man in front of her.

"Lovely to meet you, Anna. It's time for tea and I need to have a talk with Miss Umbridge. Why don't you run along now, eh? Have yourself a nice cuppa and get some rest for tomorrow."

"Hem hem," Miss Umbridge interrupted. "She does not have permission to leave!"

"Of course she does!" the Doctor contradicted, cheerfully, standing to his full height and backing up to give Anna room. "Go on then, sweetheart."

To Umbridge's shocked indignation, Anna gave the Doctor a bright smile then picked up her things and ran out of the room.

"How...how dare you! Mr. Potter, who is this?!"

"He's the Doctor," Potter responded coldly.

"That's a Muggle word for healer. Are you a Muggle? Why are you here?"

"Oh! I found out a rather nasty person was carving words into a student's flesh...and I came to stop you," the Doctor declared, placing the quill into his jacket pocket.

"I have the full support of the Ministry of Magic. As a professor of Hogwarts, how I discipline students is my business. That quill is my property. Please return it," Umbridge demanded, holding out her hand.

"These are more of them, aren't they," the Doctor guessed, picking up the stack of quills and examining them briefly, before placing them in the center of the table.

"Yes and I'd like the one you took back please."

"Oooohhhhh, I don't think so."

Taking out his sonic screwdriver, he aimed at the quills on the table and released a sharp blast that reduced them to dust. Umbridge's face turned red and purple.

"The Minister of Magic will have something to say about this!" she declared importantly.

"Really? Good! I'd quite like to have a word with him too!" the Doctor assured her, folding his arms expectantly.

Harry and Professor Umbridge both looked at the Doctor, perplexed.

"Well?" the Doctor prompted. "You have to have some way of getting hold of him, yeah?"

Professor Umbridge smirked and walked around her desk. From a drawer, she pulled a mirror, set in silver, with pink enamel hearts.

"Cornelius Fudge," she demanded.

"Yes?" a voice from the mirror responded. "Professor Umbridge? What is it?"

"Sir, there is a Muggle here, calling himself the Doctor. I found him in company with young Harry Potter, naturally. He is not only interfering with my duties at Hogwarts, but is demanding to speak with you."

"A Muggle? Well, really, Umbridge! Why waste my time? Erase his memory and set back in London or wherever he came from!"

"Weeeellll, you could try that!" the Doctor interrupted. "I should warn you, though, I'm not what you generally expect in a Muggle. Erasing my memory? That might take some doing!"

"What? Is...is that Barty Crouch, Jr.?"

"You know, I'm getting rather bored with that," the Doctor told Harry, raising his eyebrows.

Harry shrugged helplessly, unsure how to respond, but the Doctor just grinned.

"I'm called the Doctor. I'm not Crouch or related to him. I need to speak with you about the creatures you call Dementors."
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